Keith Roberts is an entrepreneur coach and small business strategist. 

His career spans over 4 decades as a successful entrepreneur, a technology industry leader, master business & executive coach, consultant, author, speaker, master trainer, certified SCORE Mentor, Better Business Bureau Board Member, and community leader.

For over 4 decades, Keith has started, built, and sold 3 technology companies that were in the Business Application Software sector.  During those years he was recognized as top in his profession by Microsoft and affiliated technology companies.  His experience in serving mid-market companies allowed him access to how businesses worked and why many succeeded or failed. These experiences have proved to be what makes him uniquely qualified in helping small businesses in many areas including startups, operations, and technology.

Throughout Keith’s personal and professional life, he has overcome many of the challenges facing an entrepreneur. He has learned how to face adversity and navigate his way to succeeding. 

Keith’s emphasis is helping entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their businesses.  He feels strongly that success is achieved when you invest in yourself.  To help his clients accomplish this, he offers online training and education programs that provide the knowledge required to become more prepared to manage and grow a small business.  Additionally, he provides mentoring, accountability groups, and coaching.

You can find Keith’s contributions online through courses, blogs, podcasts, speaking engagements, webinars, videos, and guest appearances.


I help entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their small business by providing online training, community, and coaching.