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Stop Customer Churn.  Unleash the Power of Customer Retention: Ignite Your Referral Engine!

Customer churn is a heartbreaking reality in business, representing not just a loss of revenue, but also a loss of potential growth and valuable relationships. It's an emotional blow that can leave your team feeling demotivated and questioning their efforts.

What is customer churn?
Customer Churn

Customer churn, also known as customer attrition, refers to the scenario when a customer stops doing business with a company or stops using its products or services over a certain period. It's a key metric for many businesses, particularly those that operate under a subscription or recurring billing model.

What are the causes?

Customer churn causes vary, from a mismatch between your product and customer expectations, poor customer service, and competitive offerings, to unavoidable changes in customer circumstances.

DIY solutions don't work.

DIY strategies for customer retention, such as improving customer service, offering loyalty incentives, email marketing, and collecting customer feedback can seem appealing.


These actions often fail because they treat symptoms of churn rather than their underlying causes. They may also lack a cohesive strategy, the ability to track and analyze data effectively, or the necessary skills to carry out these strategies.


Furthermore, efforts like analyzing customer feedback for actionable insights can be time-consuming and may not fall within the business's expertise.


Hence, a comprehensive and proactive approach, often assisted by expert guidance, is crucial for successful customer retention.

3 Ways We Can Help You With Customer Retention. 

Whether you are exploring how to solve customer churn, seeking specific advice from an expert, or are committed to working with our team in making business-changing shifts in engaging with customers, we have an option for you.

FREE Strategies Report

Learn what successful companies are doing to improve customer retention and get more referrals.  Get your copy of our special report for FREE.

"20 Proven Strategies for Maximizing Customer Retention and Igniting the Power of Referrals"


Strategy Consultation

Book a private Strategy Consultation with Keith Roberts.  This is a 3-part service:  

  1. Complete a Customer Retention Health Check questionnaire.

  2. A private 90-minute strategy call that covers the questionnaire and other special findings.

  3. A written post-call report that documents all dialog and recommendations uncovered.

* $495 - due upon scheduling.

Premier Member

RetainEdge. Premier Services

This is our 6-month high-impact framework, RetainEdge Premier, which identifies every aspect of customer churn and helps you create the necessary changes to turn happy customers into a referral engine that drives revenue.

We have developed special systems that assure your strategies, tactics, and processes are managed - these are made available to you.  


Note: This program requires an approval process.  We only accept 4 new clients per month into this exclusive program.

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