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How to Use This Easy Email Strategy for Customer Retention

MailChimp Email Marketing

We all know the grind - acquiring new customers, delivering exceptional products or services, and keeping the business running like a well-oiled machine. But here's the catch, Amidst this hustle, are we neglecting our existing customers? And could we be losing out on potential "free" business due to our oversight?

Lack of staff, time, or know-how shouldn’t prevent small businesses like ours from building robust customer retention systems. This is mission-critical, folks! Understanding your customers' perception of your brand, products, or services can be the key to your business's success.

So, how do we plug this gap without breaking the bank?

Customer Retention Strategy Breakdown:

While there are countless strategies, tactics, and technologies to improve customer retention, we'll focus on one that's straightforward, affordable, and effective. Forget about direct mail campaigns, telemarketing agencies, social media ads, or investing in an elaborate CRM. Instead, let's talk email marketing. I recommend using email marketing because it is cheap, easy, and perhaps more importantly, you control it.

The Simple, Yet Powerful Solution:

What about sending a simple email to your customers, asking them to rate their satisfaction with your product, service, or company on a scale of 1 to 10? Just one question, folks. It's as easy as pie, and we'll show you how.

“Retention problems sneak up on you. You need to be actively monitoring retention cohorts even when retention is going up and to the right”. - Dan Wolchonok, former Director of Growth & Analytics at HubSpot

Steps for Effective Email Marketing to Existing Customers:

  1. Sign up for an email marketing software (MailChimp, ConvertKit,, Constant Contact, or others).

  2. Create a comprehensive customer list in Excel, splitting it into active and past customers. Include relevant details like their name, company, email address, and transaction history that includes what they bought and how much of it.

  3. Leverage this data to segment your list. This will help you send personalized emails based on each category of KPIs.

  4. Import your segmented list into your chosen email marketing software.

  5. Design your email campaign. An introductory message combined with our golden question – "How would you rate our company on a scale of 1-10 and why?" – should do the trick.

  6. Analyze the responses via a report generated by your software. Segment them into different response levels:

    • If rating >8, send a personalized thank you, ask for a testimonial, and offer a small token of appreciation.

    • If the rating is 4-7, request a discussion to understand and rectify their concerns.

    • If the rating is 1-3, engage proactively to gather information and resolve the issues.

As you master the process of engaging with customers, you should develop training for your team members to facilitate regular engagement. Systemize this as a core business process.


It's high time to integrate this process into your everyday operations. Select and train dedicated personnel for this pivotal role. The result? An army of satisfied customers, eager to vouch for your business, and promote organic growth.

Optimizing your small business customer retention strategy can be as simple as hitting 'send' on an email. So, why wait? Dive in and see the difference it makes.

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